The City of Palmdale and Los Angeles County will invest over $13.5 M in a partnership project that will reconstruct over 3.2 miles of Pearblossom Highway from Old Nadeau Road to 55th Street East. Over 34,000 vehicles travel this roadway daily, with at least 10% being heavy trucks that put tremendous stress on the road. Over time this stress has caused the pavement condition to deteriorate, resulting in cracks, potholes, and a poor ride quality. The Pearblossom Highway Rebuild Project will provide for a new, smooth driving surface on this crucial roadway and provide additional improvements.

The improvements were constructed in 3 segments. Work began September 19, 2019 and was completed Thursday, February 25, 2021. The roadway is now open!!

Project Fact Sheet (Updated 2.2.2021)

Project Features

  • Removal of the existing roadway and construction of a new, long-lasting pavement section, within existing pavement limits, that will support the heavy truck traffic
  • Intersection improvements at various cross-streets, such as new signal poles and pedestrian / equestrian push-button systems, new or upgraded ADA-compliant curb ramps, and/or new ladder-style crosswalks
  • Modifications to current traffic patterns that will enhance safety and improve traffic flow at 25th St East / Barrel Springs Rd and 30th St East
  • Installation of a new 2,100-foot median barrier between 25th St East / Barrel Springs Rd and 30th St East to help prevent head-on traffic collisions

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